How to Hire a Professional Construction Estimator

How to Hire a Professional Construction Estimator?

Hiring a construction estimator is an important decision for any construction company or owner. A construction estimator plays a vital role in the planning and execution of construction projects by providing accurate cost estimates, identifying potential cost savings and overruns, improving project planning, and enhancing the bidding process.

In this article, we will discuss the steps you should take to hire a competent and reliable construction estimator for your construction project.


The first step in the hiring process is to figure out what skills someone needs to have to be a good estimator. The best candidate should have at least 5 years of experience in a similar field, like architecture, engineering, or construction management.

They should also be good at math and analysis, and they should know how to use relevant software like Microsoft Excel. They should also be able to read drawings and blueprints correctly and make good estimates based on these plans.

Communication skills are also very important when working with multiple teams on large projects. For this position, you must have excellent written communication skills. For this role, it will be important for candidates to show that they can work well under pressure.

Assessing Portfolios

When it comes to assessing portfolios for applicants, construction estimators need to have a good eye for detail. The portfolio should demonstrate the individual’s ability to accurately estimate costs and resources needed for projects. When reviewing a portfolio, look for examples of complete takeoff processes and bid packages that show mastery in areas like quantity surveying and total cost analysis.

The portfolio should also show that you know how to use the software and tools that are used in construction estimating. For example, when looking at bids, make sure that all estimates include the use of building plans and drawings as well as material specifications. Make sure they can talk about their technical knowledge well in interviews or presentations by showing that they have good verbal communication skills.

Evaluating Interviews

By evaluating candidates during an interview, employers can get a better sense of their experience, skills, and qualifications. To ensure that an interviewer gets the most out of each candidate, it’s important to establish clear criteria ahead of time.

This could include things like education and certifications, past work experience, and specific skills like knowing how to estimate costs or use software for scheduling. It’s also important to consider other factors, such as cultural fit and interpersonal skills.

Employers should also be ready with questions that will help them figure out if a candidate is a good fit for the job. Another important part of the interview process is telling candidates about the company and what they can expect from the job.

Job Description & Requirements

The job requires a deep knowledge of the construction industry, as well as excellent mathematical skills and an eye for detail. Before hiring a construction estimator, it’s important to understand what the job entails and what qualifications are necessary.

The primary responsibility of a construction estimator is to create an estimate of how much material, labor, and time will be required for a project.

This means looking at the plans and drawings given by architects or engineers, finding out how much materials cost on the local market, figuring out labor costs based on the average wages in the area, figuring out if any subcontractors will be needed, taking into account overhead costs like site preparation or permits, and making a list of all the estimated costs.

Compensation Considerations

Depending on how well you know how much to pay a candidate, you may or may not be able to find and keep talented people. When setting pay levels for potential employees, it’s important to think about things like experience, expertise, and the state of the market.

When figuring out how to pay construction estimators, you should look at the current salary range for people in the same field. You can use sources such as job boards and industry associations to get an idea of what other companies are paying for similar positions in your area.

You might also want to offer incentives like bonuses or stock options to get the best people to work for you. It’s also smart to think about any extra costs that come with hiring an employee, like buying tools and materials or paying for training.

Making the Right Decision

When hiring a construction estimator, it is important to make an informed decision that will benefit your business in the long run. Taking the time to learn about potential candidates and ask the right questions can help you find a professional with enough experience to give you an accurate estimate of how much your building projects will cost. Consider these tips when making your selection:

Research potential hires before making a final decision. Check their experience and reputation in the field, as well as any honors or awards they’ve won over the course of their career. It is also beneficial to speak with former employers or colleagues to get a better understanding of how they work and what skills they possess.

Take the time to interview multiple candidates before selecting one for hire. During the interview process, you should carefully evaluate each applicant’s knowledge of estimating techniques and cost control strategies by asking them specific questions about their experience in these areas.

Benefits of a Construction Estimator

A construction estimator is a very important part of planning and putting together building projects. They are in charge of figuring out how much a construction project will cost in terms of materials, labor, and other costs. We’ll talk about why a construction project needs a construction estimator.

  1. Accurate cost estimates: They uses their knowledge of construction materials, labor, and other expenses to provide accurate cost estimates for a project. This helps the construction company or owner to budget for the project and make informed decisions about the project scope and design.
  2. Identify potential cost savings: They can identify potential cost savings by analyzing different materials and construction methods. This can help the construction company or owner to save money on the project while maintaining the required quality standards.
  3. Identify potential cost overruns: They can also identify potential cost overruns by analyzing the project scope and design. This can help the construction company or owner to make necessary changes to the project plan to avoid unexpected expenses.
  4. Improve project planning: They can help the construction company or owner to create a realistic project plan by providing accurate cost estimates. This can help to improve the overall efficiency of the project and reduce the risk of delays or cost overruns.
  5. Enhance bidding process: They can also assist in the bidding process by preparing accurate cost estimates for the project. This can help the construction company or owner to make informed decisions about which contractors to hire for the project.

It is a very important part of planning and putting together building projects. They give accurate cost estimates, find ways to save money or go over budget, improve project planning, and make the bidding process better. Having a construction estimator on a building project can help make sure the project goes well and keep costs down.

Bottom Line

Hiring a construction estimator is an important decision for any construction company or owner. By following the steps in this article, you can make sure you hire a skilled and trustworthy construction estimator who can help your building project be a success.

Remember to consider their experience, qualifications, and references, and to clearly communicate your project needs and expectations. With the right construction estimator on your team, you can effectively plan and execute your construction project while controlling costs.

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